Media Buying

“We ensure that we attract the best by being the best”

If you like the extraordinary then we are what you have been searching for.We can expand the possibilities and take you beyond your comfort zone for an adventure.We can make an idea flourish and thrive by exploring the unknown.

With our years of experience and knowledge we are able to offer an incredibly competitive price in the industry.

Media Planning

“We invest our expertise to deliver best media solutions”

Media planning is a delicate matter. We make sure you are connected with your new and old clients by connecting you with a whole spectrum of media. The team is a diverse mix of both young and seasoned professionals, all with the ability to observe, plan and execute perfectly to reel in the big catch. Your growth ambition is our center of strategy, we identify the right blend of everything to provide effective customer engagement.

Media Insight

“We empower and develop top capacities”

TOP OF MIND values the core belief of people and tries to explore their world via the media. We’ll reach out and help you explore the uncharted.

This detailed information helps us take our clients to their right customers, at the right time and place.

This media insight helps us target audiences more effectively and promote changes in behavior.

Media Impact

“We are here to take our client’s business to the next level”

We achieve this by spending more time listening to our clients and looking for options that would best suit their needs.

Top of mind is an independent media agency, we specialize in launching and growing brands, completely changing face value in the process.

With the amount of planning, buying and researching it all boils down to the amounts. Whether we have successfully reached our goals, if we had achieved more than we were initially aiming for or if we had to spend more than what was already planned – it all comes down to this moment.

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